Tyler Keevil

Language: English

Pages: 300

ISBN: 1908069783

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When a group of hedonistic teenagers save a woman from drowning they become unlikely local heroes, but their celebrity becomes the focus for envy and harassment. Darkly comic, this novel follows the teens during their last summer together; one that will come to define their future: a summer of sex, chemical experimentation, shifting loyalties, and disillusionment.

The Unknowns: A Novel

Per sempre

Low Expectations

Sisters of the Quilt: The Complete Trilogy (Sisters of the Quilt, Books 1-3)


Buzz Kill





















it attacked me first. But this one seemed okay. It started rolling around in the dirt, trying to cool off, panting and grinning at us. The owner took my threat the wrong way, though. ‘I’m gonna report you,’ he said. ‘You mountain bikers are all the same!’ ‘I’m not a fucking mountain biker!’ We shouted at each other like that until eventually we established that I’d never ridden a mountain bike in my entire life. I only owned a BMX. After that the guy seemed to calm down, and I did, too.

calmed him down and after a bit they went at it again. ‘So how many times did you guys do it?’ ‘Twice. He did better the second time.’ I’d gone over to her house, just to check up on her. I did that occasionally, if Chris was busy. I was sort of like his stand-in. Karen and I would head up to her room and talk about him. He was the one thing we had in common. Her room was mostly pink. Pink bed, pink carpet, pink wallpaper. Pink everything. The only part that wasn’t pink was her poster – this

moustache. ‘Officer Moustache!’ I shouted that and shoved my way towards him. He was standing by the front door, arms crossed, dressed in a scruffy blue hoody and this Canucks hat. I don’t think he was even on duty. He didn’t look like he was on duty, anyway. He just looked awesome. ‘Hey officer – what’s up, man?’ As I said that, I stumbled right into him. He had to catch me in his arms and sort of prop me up against the wall. ‘How you doing, kid?’ I don’t know if he recognised me or what,

to fuck with me. ‘I hate her I hate her I hate her.’ Then something happened that I almost couldn’t believe. Chris cried. He didn’t cry for very long and he didn’t cry like a normal person. There was no sobbing or shaking or anything like that. There were just a few tears, streaming down his cheeks. He blinked over and over, trying to see. Then he gripped the steering wheel like he wanted to choke it and sort of threw his body back and forth against the seat. ‘FUCK!’ he screamed. After that we

relief to everybody. They can all sleep better at night, knowing that ‘it was only a matter of time’. Chris was volatile, unstable, a lone wolf, a rotten apple, a bad seed. Parents love hearing phrases like that. It helps convince them that this kind of thing could never happen to their kid. Anybody who beats up a cop and steals a squad car has it coming to them. They forgot to mention his fucking medal. Not all the reporters were total marzipans. Some of them wanted to show how compassionate

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