Finding Us (True Love) (Volume 2)

Finding Us (True Love) (Volume 2)

Harper Bentley

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 149600275X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

They wanted forever... but does forever deserve a second chance?

Jag Jensen and Ellen Love were best friends their whole lives until he turned thirteen and started noticing girls his own age, but that doesn't mean he stopped watching out for eleven-year-old Ellen. By his senior year in high school, baseball had taken the front seat in his life, with a scholarship to college and a pro career looming on the horizon, when sophomore Ellen catches his attention and they strike up their friendship again. Although Ellen wants more, Jag doesn't want to drag her into what he knows would be a crazy life, but love has a way of deciding one's future, and eventually they become a couple. Ellen follows him to California as he begins his pro career, but his wild and hectic lifestyle screws everything up. 

Now Jag is lost, realizing he's never been without his best friend in his life. Learning to live without Ellen doesn't settle well with him, so while trying to remain at the top of his career, he also wants to get his girl back, which proves to be more difficult than he thought it'd be. Will Ellen give him another chance or does that sort of thing only happen in the sappy romance novels she always used to read? Jag hopes she's willing to try again as he puts his heart on the line for the woman he knows will always be his forever and a day. 

This is the second book of the True Love Trilogy. 

Due to language and sexual content, this book is not recommended for readers under age 17

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but, hey, I’m a guy. We think stupid shit like that at serious times. It’s how we deal. But standing there looking at her also melted my heart. God, she was beautiful. And even though it might sound weird, her being mad somehow made her even more so, her eyes shooting angry sparks at me, her jaw set proudly making her look like some warrior woman who didn’t take shit from anyone. I wanted to jump that fucking desk and wrap my arms around her and never let her go, but I knew I had to be smart

of her work uniform. Standing back up, she opened the bottle and took a drink, eyeing me the entire time. “There’s nothing to talk about,” she informed me when she dropped the bottle away from her lips. This nonchalant act she had going wasn’t fooling me anymore. I’d seen how she’d looked when she’d come in. “Oh, I think there’s a lot to talk about.” She shook her head. “Look. Not sure what you’re wanting out of me here, but there really isn’t anything left to say that hasn’t already been

turned me the fuck on even more than I already was. I dropped my hands down under her ass and picked her up, her legs encircling my waist, her hands grabbing my shoulders, and pushed her against the wall and started pounding inside her faster. Jesus, she felt amazing, so fucking good. “Oh, God!” she breathed and tensed against me, her nails digging into my shoulders, her breath catching, and I felt her insides spasm around me again when another climax surged through her making her cry out. I

“Whoa!” she screamed with a snicker as she wobbled on her skates. I grabbed her hands, skating backward, pulling her with me. “How’s that?” I asked. “I forgot you were so good! Forgot you played hockey when you were little,” she said, beaming up at me as we made our way around the rink. I chuckled. “Yeah, for a while I couldn’t decide if I wanted to play hockey or baseball. Guess I made the right choice, huh?” She nodded, letting out a little shriek as she lost her balance again. “I’ve got

silent, and it was beautiful. Bax flashed me the signal for a curve when the next batter stepped up to the plate. I shook my head. This guy was a lefty and my curve always went wide against right-handed batters, so if I pitched him my curve, I’d be putting it in prime territory for him to knock it out of the park. When Bax gave me the signal once again for the curve, I knew what he was doing. It was one of the easiest pitches and I knew he was trying to save my arm. I couldn’t blame him,

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