Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing: "Interviews With 19 Innovative Ebook Business Leaders"

Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing: "Interviews With 19 Innovative Ebook Business Leaders"

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Pages: 188


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Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing – Interviews With 19 Innovative Ebook Business Leaders is Digital Book World’s first ebook. In interviews with 19 innovative ebook business leaders, Digital Book World’s editorial director Jeremy Greenfield draws out how these professionals are leading the digital transition and shaping the future of publishing. You’ll learn how these leaders are organizing their teams, pioneering new forms of content, and gathering and responding to data.

The digital publishing community is passionate, engaged and international, and Digital Book World’s mission is to provide a forum for the community to gather, share hard-won insights, present innovative challenges, and pool its collective intelligence for the benefit of all its members.

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may be the best hope for publishers wanting to see the ebook retail market grow to accommodate a third, significant player. In a press release in early June, Kobo boasted triple-digit growth numbers for ebook downloads and e-reader and tablet purchases and claimed nine million registered users in 190 countries. Kobo also recently introduced Writing Life, its self-publishing service competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes & Noble’s PubIt!. And, perhaps most importantly, Kobo

starting at the top with our big publishers but also starting at the bottom with Writing Life, giving a ton of visibility to self-published authors on sales and looking at how books sell around the world. Are there territories you should be looking at? Should you be setting prices differently around the world? In our mind, a self-published author is a publisher—it may be a publisher of one book but they make all the decisions a publisher has to make. You’ve been in the book industry your whole

platform? Seems a bit silly, almost like a throw-away question, a fun thing to end an interview on. But the more I think about it and the more I ask people about it, I think it really matters. It gives you some insight into the person. For instance, Smashwords founder and CEO Mark Coker said that he hardly has time to read anymore. He took some flak for that on blogs, in the comments and on Twitter. Dominique Raccah, the publisher and CEO of Sourcebooks, revealed to me that ever since the

Prague Winter by Madeleine Albright. I’m reading it in hardcover because I have it in my office. I love history; she’s had a wonderful career and I lived in Prague as a child. I don’t read in parallel, but my next one is Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel because I read Wolf Hall.” —CHANTAL RESTIVO-ALESSI, Chief Digital Officer, HarperCollins, August 1, 2012 “I read almost entirely on my iPhone, which is heretical here because we have these fantastic devices. The thing that’s driven me

when you’re going to read three or four hours at a time. There are a couple of books that I’ve got going on right now. One is Tim Powers’s, Hide Me Among the Grave, a Victorian vampire novel. I’m also reading the book Hedy’s Folly by Richard Rhodes. It’s a non-fiction work about the 1940s Hollywood star Hedy Lamar and how she and the avant garde composer George Antheil got together to invent [a frequency-hopping code machine that they patented in 1942. Editor’s note: I redacted this part of the

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