Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst "Best" Practices of Business Today

Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst "Best" Practices of Business Today

Susan Scott

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 038552904X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the author of the acclaimed book Fierce Conversations comes the antidote to some of the most wrongheaded practices of business today.

· “Provide anonymous feedback.”
· “Hire smart people.”
· “Hold people accountable.”
These are all sound, business practices, right? Not so fast, says leadership visionary and bestselling author Susan Scott. In fact, these mantras — despite being long-accepted and adopted by business leaders everywhere — are completely wrongheaded. Worse, they are costing companies billions of dollars, driving away valuable employees and profitable customers, limiting performance, and stalling careers. Yet they are so deeply ingrained in organizational cultures that no one has questioned them. Until now.

In Fierce Leadership, Scott teaches us how to spot the worst “best” practices in our organizations using a technique she calls “squid eye”–the ability to see the “tells” or signs that we have fallen prey to disastrous behaviors by knowing what to look for. Only then, she says, can we apply the antidote..

Informed by over a decade of conversations with Fortune 500 executives, this book is that antidote. With fierce new approaches to everything from employee feedback to corporate diversity to customer relations, Scott offers fresh and surprising alternatives to six of the so-called “best” practices permeating today’s businesses. This refreshingly candid book is a must-read for any manager or leader at any level who is ready to take a long hard look at what trouble might be lurking in their organization - and do something about it.

From the Hardcover edition.

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More praise for FIERCE LEADERSHIP “Fierce Leadership has distilled valuable real-life experiences and provides a clear roadmap for leaders, managers, employees, or any group of people working together to make positive change.” —Geri D. Palast, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor, and executive director, Campaign for Fiscal Equity “Susan Scott nails it again with Fierce Leadership. Her powerful imagery and gift for stylish communication lend her message a stickiness and freshness that

he had traveled the globe, he didn’t seem to have gone very far. He may have tasted exotic meals in different countries, but his soul remained the same flavor. His mission was to change everyone around him, but he saw himself as in no need of change. Therefore, he was unable to journey with his employees and colleagues, even though I believe he sincerely wanted to. In fact, he told me that his goal was to become the chief executive within two years, which required a cheering section from his

honesty, openness, and transparency. Then I paused and asked the audience members to raise their hands if their organization’s mission, vision, or values statement mentioned these things. Most hands went up. I then asked the audience to raise their hands if their organizations provided 360-degree anonymous feedback. Another sea of hands went up, though the audience seemed puzzled. Where is she going with this? “Okay, here’s an opportunity to practice squid eye. If an organization declares that

or on the next round of layoffs, rather than on innovation, trends, strategy, execution. Customers will leave, are leaving. ‘Nuff said. Word will get out. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever for customers to find out what others think of your company. Your company has a reputation, and it’s out there. And you have a reputation, which will follow you throughout your career. You won’t enjoy your work. Losing sales and market share or working with perpetually unhappy or departing

problems, and damage both brand reputation and customer satisfaction. In fact, all four hundred companies surveyed reported that employee misunderstanding had placed them at risk of injuries to employees or the public, and 99 percent cited risk of lost sales and reduced customer satisfaction. And much of this is because, despite very real evidence to the contrary, their employees are assured that all is well: “We’re doing great!” Carl Jung pointed to the inevitable consequence of legislated

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