Fame: A Novel in Nine Episodes

Fame: A Novel in Nine Episodes

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0307474240

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fame and facelessness, truth and deception, spin their way through the nine interlocking chapters of this captivating and wickedly funny novel by the internationally bestselling author of Measuring the World.
No one is more surprised than Ebling when his new cell phone begins receiving calls meant for popular actor Ralf Tanner. At first he tries to set the callers right, but soon he is enjoying the drama and power that celebrity brings. Little does he know that his actions will cause a ripple effect that will leave very few lives untouched, from the movie star himself to those lingering at the edges of the limelight.  And as paths cross and plots thicken, the boundaries of fiction and reality start to crumble.

The Unlikely Savior


The Story of Us

An Autograph For Anjali



















conditioning was humming quietly. Then he went back to writing. He wrote while the sun was sending its last glow across the water; he wrote while the air slowly filled with darkness as if with some fine substance; he wrote while the lights down there glittered more and more distinctly and the smooth black expanse of the sky blended into the mountains; and when he looked up, his shirt wet and his moustache covered with drops of sweat, it was night. Dear Abbess, there are no grounds for hope, and

tell with him: he’s always thinking us through and hatching plans nobody can overview. Power plays totally above my head; for me, it’s about the universal thing and society and all the daily pig stuff … you know. Obvious that people who write for newspapers already bought, and people they write about in it with them. A huge conspiracy, everyone in bed together, coining money like mad, us okay people just waiting. Just one example: radio messages on 9/11, read it online, nothing will surprise you

that moment, in the darkness of my room, I had an A-1 flash. If you’re surfing the net as much as I am, then you know—how to say it? Well, you know that reality isn’t everything. That there are spaces you don’t enter with your body. Only in your thoughts, but definitely there. Meeting Lara Gaspard. It was possible! In a story, of course. Leo used stuff he saw? Guys he met? Events that happened? Yes, he could even use me. Nothing against it! Appearing in a story—really no different from being in

exclusion of all else, making my mind turn in circles the way water drives a millstone—wasn’t it possible to have two houses, two lives, two families, one there, one here, a me in this town and a me in the other one, and two women, each of them as close to me as if she were the only one? It was only a matter of organization, of train timetables and airline schedules, of cleverly judged e-mails and a little foresight in making arrangements. Of course it could all collapse, but it could also … yes,

behind them aimed his weapon but didn’t shoot and in a moment they had passed it. Leo kept making notes and she couldn’t help staring at the notebook. Her old fear that he would put her in a story and create a distorted copy of her, rearranged according to his own needs: the thought was unbearable. But whenever she said this, he evaded her or changed the subject. Back there in the capital, he had been strangely calm. During her conversations with two ministers he had stood by her side without

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