Fabric Styles

Fabric Styles

Darren Du

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 9881973813

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Soft decoration includes window curtains, curtains, carpets, tablecloths, cushions, beds and sofas, and works of art. Fabric Styles covers three categories: textile, furniture, and works of art. The latest decoration design concepts are included here with many exquisite pictures. The book introduces the reader to the designs of soft decorations and their roles in interior design.

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“decoration” and “cloth art” appear, interior textile decoration is becoming a materialised culture. “Textile conquers space” has become a convincing principle in interior soft decoration. Textile has some distinctive charm. On the one hand, it shows the softness of a space; on the other hand, it expresses our emotions. Textile in an interior space has become the emotional link between people and the spaces in modern architecture. Textile helps create certain atmospheres for spaces. Textile in

of decorative curtains. In this project, for the design of the window curtain, a sheer curtain is adopted as the main part of soft decoration, adding certain mystery to the space, unconsciously endowing the room with infinite diversity and style. 室内空间的情调的渲染是窗帘装饰设计的目的和主题。在这个项目的窗帘设计中,采用纱质的 窗帘作为装饰主体,将空间渲染得既朦胧又充满神秘,有意无意间赋予了空间无穷的变化和情 调。 Fabric Styles 24 For the decoration design in this project, the colour palette of the window curtain is orange, with black and brown framing blocks going well with

fervent, different colours would bring us different visual and psychological experiences. This is especially true with a coloured floor; it would make the space feel more decorated. Besides, different textures would achieve different effects. Velvet, silk, linen, cotton, wool, etc., different textures not only differ in visual effects, but also help create different atmospheres. 地毯在室内空间的存在,能够在人们疲累时送上贴心的暖意,能够为踩在脚下的朴实的地面带来每一步的惊艳。随着人们对于生活个 性化的要求不断提高,地毯作为时尚家居中的一部分,也在逐渐成为室内织物装饰中的一个非常重要的环节。

with decoration elements such as colour and pattern, create visual and psychological effects. Therefore, carpets are indispensible in interior soft decoration. 地毯不仅能够给人以温暖、柔和的实际触感,而且通过色彩、图案等装饰元素的运 用,更加能够影响到人们的视觉进而影响到人们的心理感受,使得地毯成为室内软装 饰中不可或缺的重要元素。 57 In this project, the carpet spreads on such a large area and thus plays the leading role in the soft decoration. In terms of colour, the carpet goes well with the colour palette of the space. Brown is used to produce a soothing and calm

patterns, become the focal point in the room. 整个空间采用浅蓝色的墙面烘托出雅致的气氛,与之相搭配,在室内陈设物的色彩选 择上也尽量靠近这一色彩,尤其是靠垫的设计,浅蓝色的图案造型略显调皮,却轻易 地成为空间装饰的重点。 Fabric Styles 106 For numerous interior decoration designs, cushions are the focal points, as a flexible element in interior spaces. 对于很多室内空间的装饰设计,靠垫往往都会成为其中的点睛之笔, 成为室内装饰中灵动的元素。 107 Simplicity expresses a mood of calmness. When you are sitting on a sofa beside your bed enjoying the afternoon warm sunshine, or lying on the bed just feeling the pleasure in a

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