Extreme Adventure: A Photographic Exploration of Wild Experiences

Extreme Adventure: A Photographic Exploration of Wild Experiences

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1629147591

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Extreme Adventure is a high-octane, eye-popping dream collection of global fantasies, all personally experienced and photographed by award-winning travel photographer Peter Guttman. Whether you are an intrepid traveler or strictly an armchair daydreamer, these photographs will whisk you away on dozens of excursions, including:

Ice Climbing in the Colorado Ouray Gorge
Tornado Chasing across the Great Plains
Land Yachting over the Mojave Desert
Canoeing through Alligator Habitat in the Everglades
Ice Caving at the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior
Scuba Diving to a Bedroom in the Florida Keys
Caravanning Camels to a Saharan Oasis
Scaling the Girders of the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Experience all seven continents through the eyes of a fearless explorer and fire your imagination as it navigates the world.

"Top Five Coffee Table Book for the Holidays. Adventurers will adore this awe-inspiring pictorial of extreme experiences captured across some of the most wondrous corners of the globe. From land yachting over the Mojave Desert to tornado chasing across the Great Plains, award-winning travel photographer Peter Guttman establishes just how epic our planet is and in so doing, instills a sense of raw adventure within even the most faint-hearted readers."--The Manual

"This is armchair traveling at its best and just might give you the nudge you need to add more adrenalin-laced activity to your life."--Time Warner Cable News

"Using light to its fullest, Mr. Guttman creates stunning images no matter how far he travels...sumptuous, dramatically lit shots...a one-man Explorer's Club"--The New York Times

"Peter Guttman is a gutsy photographer who has taken pictures all over the world and paints glorious word-pictures with extraordinary photographs...legendary"--Popular Photography

"His photographs all seem to glow from an inner light"--Dallas Morning News

"One of the premiere travel photographers"--CNN

"Such a beautiful vision"--CBS This Morning

"One of the world's most accomplished photographers"--National Public Radio

"Guttman's photographs capture the spirit of a place"--Time Magazine

"Breathtaking...evocative...stunning"--Kirkus Reviews

"It is his thirst for new experiences--and new subjects to photograph--that drives his life. He has chased tornadoes, skydived, gone spelunking, ridden Olympic bobsleds, and climbed high into the rigging of tall ships and to the top of a radio tower at the North Pole"--Kodak Guide to Shooting Great Travel Pictures

"His work is filled with joy, beauty and insight, and he conveys his sense of wonder with the world in every photograph. His work is inspiring and impressive"--Society of American Travel Writers

"His eye is magical, and he clicks his lens at the perfect moment--time and time again. Gifted photographer Peter Guttman thrives on discovering unusual destinations ... the photography is stupendous."--New Orleans Times Picayune

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continental divide of the Western United States. To test their own backbones, aspiring adrenaline junkies gather here, having crowned this box canyon, at the northern end of Colorado’s Uncompahgre Gorge, the Holy Grail for ice climbers. Judiciously placed ice screws and rope appear to offer scant protection when staring into the yawning void of a vertiginous ravine. To help negotiate footing and generate friction, work your calf muscles with friction-grabbing, boot-hugging crampons, a

where pine martens scramble for seeds, test your braking skills as you negotiate brambled slopes and barrel down the historic Banadad logging trail. Guard your face from splayed limbs of evergreen that are burdened beneath thick frosting. Bear down on your moosehide mukluks and lean on one runner to keep from smacking stumps and executing an unscheduled somersault over the handlebars. Weathering wipeouts that unhinge canvas-covered cargo holds, you at last approach the yurt’s pocket of warmth

KEYS In the Florida Keys, a gracefully curling archipelago of palm-fringed islets points toward the Caribbean. Here, not far from Largo Sound, sleeping with the fishes has an altogether different, non-gangster related connotation. To find your bedroom for the evening, strap on scuba gear and follow the trail of opalescent bubbles as you head toward a former scientific habitat. In a sun-dappled lagoon anchored nearly thirty feet beneath the surface, you wind through billowing curtains of parrot

polar cap with the brute force of twenty-five-thousand horsepower engines. On its top deck, helicopter pilots scurry, readying their crafts for the subzero Fahrenheit taxi ride toward Snow Hill Island. Scruffy tents double as a makeshift airport terminal. Bundled deep inside synthetic layers, arriving visitors grab their ski poles to begin an inland trek. In adjacent lanes, the hikers pass numerous avian single-file processions headed the opposite way. In a determined march to the sea, the

with a generous supply of patience and be rewarded through binocular lenses only when timely appetites find autumn’s salmon-choked creeks irresistible. Mostly found on this particular island, the elusive Kermode bear eventually lumbers haltingly toward his all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. This ursine subspecies, revered by the local Gitga’a community and studied intensely by scientists, bears a hereditary concentration of double recessive genes that gift the mystical creature with a shaggy,

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