Diabetes For Dummies (4th Edition)

Diabetes For Dummies (4th Edition)

Alan L. Rubin

Language: English

Pages: 346

ISBN: 1118294475

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


The straight facts on treating diabetes successfully

With diabetes now considered pandemic throughout the world, there have been an enormous advances in the field since the last edition of Diabetes For Dummies. Now significantly revised and updated, it includes the latest information on medications and monitoring equipment, updated diet and exercise plans, new findings about treating diabetes in the young and elderly, new ways to diagnose and treat long- and short-term complications, and more.

Want to know how to manage diabetes? Trusted diabetes expert Dr. Alan Rubin gives you reassuring, authoritative guidance on putting together a state-of-the-art treatment program to treat diabetes successfully and live a full life. You'll learn about all the advances in monitoring glucose, the latest medications, and how to develop a diet and exercise plan to stay healthy.

• New information on the psychology of diabetes and its treatment;
• New ways to diagnose and treat both short- and long-term complications of diabetes;
• The latest information about diabetes medications and testing devices;
• Updated diet and exercise plans;
• Expanded coverage about type 2 diabetes in children and new findings about how diabetes affects the elderly.

Diabetes For Dummies is for the millions of Diabetics (and their loved ones) throughout the United States who are in search of a resource to help them manage this disease.

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Each of these medications is discussed in detail in Chapter 10. Elderly people are often on several medications, and the monthly expense for drugs may be great enough to cause them to skip doses or not buy the drug. As I explain many times in this book, compliance with your treatment routine is essential to good health. If you are not taking your diabetes medication(s) as prescribed, you must let your doctor know. Metformin is probably the first drug to try because it does not

Don’t rely on search engines for validity. Search engines do not check claims for validity. Go to the site of the claim and see whether most of the information there makes sense. If you find a lot of silly information, that should be a red flag. If you still feel the treatment might work, ask the webmaster (the person who develops the site) for references. If none are forthcoming, forget about the idea. Go to sites that you know are reliable to see whether you can find the same

forgetting. Make sure she tests your hemoglobin A1c, your blood pressure, and your cholesterol among other things. Enthusiastic Exercising When you take insulin (as opposed to pills), controlling your diabetes is a little harder because you have to coordinate your food intake and the activity of the insulin. But I have patients who have had diabetes for decades and have little trouble balancing their food and insulin. They are the enthusiastic exercisers. They use exercise to burn up

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goiters. Various other minerals, like chlorine, cobalt, tin, and zinc, are found in many foods. These minerals are rarely lacking in the human diet. Water is the last important nutrient I discuss in this section, but it is by no means the least important. Your body is made up of 60 percent or more water. All the nutrients in the body are dissolved in water. You can live without food for some time, but you will not last long without water. Water can help to give a feeling of fullness

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