Crunch Point: The Secret to Succeeding When It Matters Most

Crunch Point: The Secret to Succeeding When It Matters Most

Brian Tracy

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Pages: 129


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"In business and in life, things seldom go exactly as planned. You've probably figured out how to navigate around the little bumps, but what about full-blown crises, the kind with the potential to derail a company or send your personal life spinning out of control? Crunch Point presents a series of proven, practical techniques for overcoming any setback that may come your way -- on the job, at home, or anywhere in your life. In an accessible, no-time-to-lose format, success expert Brian Tracy gives you the motivation, techniques, and confidence to grab tough and urgent problems by the horns and solve them -- quickly, decisively, and completely. Crunch Point reveals Tracy’s 21 proven ways to: * Take control of the situation * Stay calm and rational -- even in a crisis * Communicate clearly, constantly, and authoritatively with the key people around you -- the skill that can make all the difference between failure and success * Identify and remove all obstacles to resolving the problem * Deal with problems more effectively by handling them systematically instead of randomly or emotionally, as most people do * Develop unshakeable courage and super-high self-confidence * Generate cash flow when the crisis is financial in nature * Never lose focus on your customers, no matter how dire the situation may seem * Cut your losses, when necessary, and save time and money in the long run Each chapter offers a selection of problem-solving strategies, complete with powerful action steps you can take regardless of the nature or size of the problem. It's inevitable: At some point, the you-know-what is sure to hit the fan. Dealing with a crisis may never be easy or pleasant, but with the universal problem-solving techniques presented in Crunch Point, you’ll have the confidence and skills to rise above whatever comes your way -- and you'll be the one everyone calls ""great under pressure.""

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the actions or nonactions of other people. These external constraints may have to do with markets, customers, sales, bank approvals, payments of receivables, and other factors. Even if your main constraints are external and therefore somewhat outside of your control, there is almost always something that you can do to address them and deal with them in some way. As an exercise, engage in what I call “no-limit thinking.” Imagine for a moment that you have no limitations of knowledge or skill,

on that priority, and only that, until it is complete. By focusing and concentrating on your highest priorities, you will be more productive and effective in helping yourself and your company out of the crisis. Crunch Point Actions 1. Identify the one thing that only you can do, which if done well, will make a real difference in getting you through your current problem. 2. Cut to the chase! What is the simple, obvious step you can take immediately to eliminate the crunch? “Do what you can,

crunch is to focus single-mindedly on generating more and better sales to more and better customers. Crunch Point Actions 1. Identify your top-selling and most profitable products and services; then concentrate your best people on selling more of them to your best prospective customers. 2. Review your sales process and methodology and look for ways to make it more persuasive and convincing. “Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but by

limitations on what you could do, have, or be in the future. Imagine that you have all the time and money, all the knowledge and experience, all the friends and contacts. Imagine that you have no problems or difficulties at all. What would you do differently in your current situation? There Are Four Ways to Change Your Life In reality, there are only four ways to change your life, personally or professionally: You can do more of certain things. What are the things that you should do more of to

simplify your life, it will dramatically increase your productivity, too. Leave Things Off When you come home at night, a great way to simplify your life is to just “leave things off.” The average person comes home and immediately turns on the television. On the way home, this person listens to the radio the entire time. The mind never gets a rest. But when you leave things off, you create a zone of silence that allows your mind to become calm and clear, like the silt that settles in a bucket

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