Christmas Heat

Christmas Heat

Devon Vaughn Archer

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1518678084

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the time honored tradition of such holiday classics as The Christmas Box, The Christmas Shoes, and A Christmas Carol, comes the nostalgic love story, Christmas Heat, by bestselling romance author Devon Vaughn Archer. A season of miracles…and second chances at love.... Audrey Lamour is a successful artist and devoted mother, forever indebted to the heroic fireman who pulled her from a deadly blaze 25 years ago on Christmas Day. She honored him by painting his portrait, never dreaming her picture would become a lifeline to love. Professional photographer Conrad Pearson was driven to meet the woman whose emotional painting of his father seared his soul, even if it meant returning home to the Pacific Northwest, and painful memories he had sought to escape. But Audrey's beauty, grace, and a long ago unforgettable kiss reunite the two. Both must confront the ghosts of Christmas past and present day trust issues if they are to have a chance to forge a future together. Praise for Christmas Heat "Filled with anticipation. Devon Vaughn Archer has crafted a well-written story of love and loss. Christmas Heat is a satisfying read." -- OOSA Online Book Club "Fans of deep character driven tales will want to read Devon Vaughn Archer's strong story of love coming out of the ashes of tragedy." -- Harriet Klausner, book reviewer "You will not be disappointed...this is a great romance story where you believe in the love again, also with the season of forgiveness and love how can you miss." -- Louise Brown, book reviewer

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nodded, as if he could vouch for the latter comment in particular. The seven-year-old girl he remembered was cute and bubbly, if not exactly remarkable in his nine-year-old mind. But the current version of Audrey was indeed remarkably appealing from every angle. He had yet to read much into her character and soul beyond the gift of artistry, though he fully intended to. “My name’s Zack Abu. I’m the owner of the gallery and a good friend of Ms. Lamour.” “Nice to meet you. My name’s Conrad.”

mirror. Stacy looked warm and cozy in a hooded parka. “I thought that tonight we would go out for dinner.” She decided on the spur of the moment that the meatloaf she planned to make could definitely wait till tomorrow. Stacy’s eyes popped wide. “Where?” “You pick.” “Okay.” Audrey was sure that McDonald’s, Burger King or Pizza Hut would be her top choices. She mentally prepared herself for a bout of fast food with a child who craved the stuff like it was about to go away for good. After

morning and a fire had broken out in the house. She was trapped and fearful of being burned alive. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, the fireman came to her rescue. She was safe. But where were her parents? Someone had to save them from the terrible flames…. Audrey awoke with a start to the sound of her own wail. She felt oddly cold beneath the warm cover. She realized that Stacy was standing there in her nightgown as if lost. Audrey feared that her daughter had been frightened awake

arms and waited for her mouth to open before drawing her full lips into his while his tongue explored hers. Audrey returned the favor, feeling light on her feet, and leaned heavily into the man whose potent kiss blew her away. By the time they separated she was breathless and longing for much more intimacy between them. But that would have to wait. Right now she had a portrait to wrap up. “Well, are you ready to sit for me?” Audrey was eager to capture his romantic expressions on canvas.

Conrad chuckled. He was only too happy to be her subject, and not only on canvas. If she wanted to take the lead in bed that would work, too. The idea was enticing to him. He thought briefly as to whether this was the right time to tell Audrey everything. Maybe her reaction wouldn’t be as harsh as he feared. After all, there was never any malicious intent on his part. That notwithstanding, Conrad felt that were he to spill his guts right now about being Grant Pearson’s long-lost son returned

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