Chinese Americans: The History and Culture of a People: The History and Culture of a People

Chinese Americans: The History and Culture of a People: The History and Culture of a People

Language: English

Pages: 600

ISBN: 2:00364073

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This in-depth historical analysis highlights the enormous contributions of Chinese Americans to the professions, politics, and popular culture of America, from the 19th century through the present day.

• Highlights the distinctive roles that Chinese Americans have added to the fabric of American life
• Illustrates the experience of Chinese Americans with discrimination, resistance, and assimilation
• Considers the émigrés of the Sinophone diaspora with entries on Cambodian-Chinese and Vietnamese-Chinese Americans
• Offers a selection of fascinating primary documents that enrich the reader's experience
• Reveals the problems that Chinese American women faced with the passage of the 1882 Exclusion Act

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highly influential, through his syndicated column, in shaping U.S. Cold War policy in Asia. Eight Chinese Americans (a mix of immigrant and first-generation) were members of the Flying Tigers: seven mechanics and one doctor hired as civilians under the Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company (CAMCO), an American company that had been producing and repairing aircraft since the 1930s. Several other Chinese Americans had been recruited stateside but had not completed training before the unit was

published during the early 20th century as well. These songs address an array of subjects that include sex, frustration with the American government, bureaucracy, poverty, alienation, and concerns of the old generation for the values and morals of the younger generation of Chinese Americans. They were personal as well as outspoken. These early literary works are classified as Chinese American because they were written by early Chinese Americans, or Chinese in America, and their subjects and

Art in Luxembourg. The work that Pei has completed in his seven decades as an architect has left a lasting impact on modern architecture that will ensure his legacy into the future. Architect I.M. Pei gestures as he speaks after receiving a 2004 Ellis Island Family Heritage award in New York on April 21, 2004. Pei, born in China, came to America from Shanghai in 1935 to attend the Massachuesetts Institute of Technology. He entered the United States aboad the S.S. President Coolidge from San

People. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Jonathan H. X. Lee CHINA WAR RELIEF ASSOCIATION The China War Relief Association of America (CWRAA, or Lümei Huaqiao Tongyi Yijuan Jiuguo Zonghui) was an organization founded in August 1937 in response to the Japanese invasion of China during the Second Sino-­Japanese War (which later became part of the larger World War II). The CWRAA consolidated the work of the many charities that had been founded to support Chinese war efforts and care for

intellectual backwardness. Consequently, the first immigrants were confronted by preexisting prejudices. The white population of Canada disrespected the Chinese, who were depicted as addicted opium smokers who were incapable of assimilating into a modern Western society. When Chinese immigration was discussed by members of the Canadian government, Prime Minister John A. Macdonald requested a thorough evaluation before each Chinese person would be allowed to immigrate. In 1886 the government

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