Casebook Of The Black Widowers (The Black Widowers, Book 3)

Casebook Of The Black Widowers (The Black Widowers, Book 3)

Isaac Asimov

Language: English

Pages: 156

ISBN: 0449210863

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The third in the Black Widowers series, a collection of witty and cleverly concocted conundrums about diverse topics and with enough information given for the dedicated reader to work out the answer before Henry the waiter does so. Once a month the Black Widowers club meets to enjoy good food, fine wine, convivial company - and to entertain a guest.

Each month the guest provides them with a conundrum - a mystery which has so far proved completely baffling.

And so the Black Widowers set to work on the problem - aided and abetted by Henry, their perspicacious waiter, whose powers of deduction never fail to astonish...

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when the next refund came - this time under the eyes of the Service - it remained uncollected. It’s not impossible he had an ally within the Service, but never mind that. Tracing him wasn’t easy. He had quit his job long before and all records we had concerning him were false, down to his Social Security number, which, we suddenly discovered, was attached to no human being. “I was forced to follow the most evanescent clues and to build up the picture of the human being who had done the deed. We

agreeing with us that he was essentially our Russian and not theirs. Too bad, but, of course, from their standpoint he was a traitor. In reverse, we’d have done the same thing.” Avalon said, “Frankly, I would hesitate to trust a traitor. A man who betrays once can betray again.” “Yes,” said Pentili, “and for that reason he never knew anything more than it was considered safe for him to know. Yet I, for one, did trust him. It was always my opinion that he chose us because he came to believe in

Stepan was a neat person, and when death came he had his hand on the top of the Scrabble box and was clearly making an effort to replace it. There is no question in my mind that he had taken out all the tiles he was going to. We have these five letters, no more.” Halsted said, “He would not have had time to rearrange the letters.” Pentili sighed. “There are exactly 120 different ways in which 5 different letters can be arranged. Not one of the rearrangements is an English word, any more than

written a novelette, about fifteen thousand words long, about a worldwide organization of locksmiths. . . .” “Locksmiths?” said Avalon, frowning as though he suspected he had not heard correctly. “Locksmiths,” said Rubin. “These guys are experts, they can open anything - safes, vaults, prison doors. There are no secrets from them, and nothing can be hidden from them. My global organization is of the cream of the profession and no man can join the organization without some document or object of

the changes, and much time would be wasted on trivial points. If he could see the revisions as a whole, I felt he would be satisfied. Any minor disagreements could be easily settled. “Or so I reasoned, and perhaps I had need of a little experience myself. The author arrived and we met, actually, for the first time. I can’t say I particularly liked his looks. He was about my age but he had a rather somber cast of countenance, small, dark eyes - almost beady - and poor teeth. “I went through the

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