Captured by Charybdis

Captured by Charybdis

Bruce McLachlan

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1903931045

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mina, an agent of industrial espionage, is hired to investigate the secretive hidden project of a powerful industrialist. Following the trail to Project Charybdis, she finds an underwater world where female slaves serve the lusts of others, unable to escape as they are transformed into latex-bound mermaids, pets, and objects of carnal excess. Some are paid to be present, others are captives who have been abducted and forcibly trained to serve. Having blundered into the project, Mina joins the rubber-encased ranks of the deep-sea harem. There she finds new pleasure in her strict captivity as she surrenders herself to those she had been sent to expose, and who now subject her to endless and ingenious acts of depravity.

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sufficient illumination to work by, the terminal drooling its dirty glow across her hunched frame. It took little effort to break through the encrypted defences, and she was exploring within the viscera of the company with minimal hindrance. The scope of what she found before her was strange. Millions of dollars were being poured through this facade of a company. Its director, Miss Scylla, answered only to Korin himself and no other information existed on her, making Mina assume she was a

held cabinets, drawers, places where unknown instruments awaited her. One other exit existed, a white door set opposite that bore no handle or lock. The room was a thoroughfare, carrying those who were lowered to it to other places once they had been processed within. The room was not unoccupied either, a man in white robes loitered beside an awaiting table, stretching his hands into surgical gloves and hiding the ring he wore. A white rubber gasmask of identical design to his assistants left

her head to and fro, wondering where they were. If she could spot a landmark, spot anything, it might assist her at some future point, but the sub was cruising in deep waters where neither surface nor seabed could be distinguished. The pain of her position steadily increased, her arms aching, her throat sore, her body reviling this total denial of motion and constant pressure heaped upon it. For seemingly hours they drifted behind the sub, unable to do anything else, then suddenly a hose

had successfully connived permission to cross a threshold, Mina sauntered in. The house was still furnished as Melissa's deliberately sparse preferences dictated. Large areas of nothingness made it seem as though she had never quite gotten around to fully moving in. A few works of art, some antique furniture, elaborate fittings and fixtures compiled an ambience akin to that of a museum - sterile and oppressive. Til get your things,' she stated flatly, closing the door and walking past Mina with

both. They were used to having all the facts, and now they found that they had a mystery before them, one they could not unravel. Would they try and interrogate her? Pry the information from her by force? 'But that does not matter right now. We are not here to ferret into your past, but to consider your future,' stated Oceanus, with aloof tones. Mina looked up and found them both regarding her with intensity. She frowned as their words sunk in. 'You mean I have one?' she questioned, caught by

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