Capture the Rainbow (Sedikhan)

Capture the Rainbow (Sedikhan)

Iris Johansen

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0553591428

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a classic tale of excitement, risk, and romance, as two people make a connection so unexpected and so intimate, it may have consequences for a lifetime.

Gorgeous Hollywood stunt double Kendra Michaels is vying for the job of her life—a high-paying, high-risk jump that will clear the debt on her brother’s medical bills. Casey Michaels was a stuntman himself until a job went tragically wrong. Now Kendra is prepared to take the same chance. There’s just one man standing in her way, a man whose irresistible magnetism seduced her in ways she’d never experienced—and never before surrendered to....

Director Joel Damon gets what he wants. And he wants Kendra. But the explosive attraction he feels at the mere sight of her is entirely new to him, and it hasn’t disappeared, not since their one unforgettable night together—and not since Joel discovered she wasn’t the experienced starlet he’d mistaken her for. Now he’s determined to extend that night into many more. But he’ll have to keep Kendra alive to do it, even if it ruins her career. For he has bigger plans in mind for her than she ever imagined.

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CONTENTS TITLE PAGE I SUPPOSE YOU’VE REALIZED BY NOW THAT HOLLYWOOD… CHAPTER ONE CHAPTER TWO CHAPTER THREE CHAPTER FOUR CHAPTER FIVE CHAPTER SIX CHAPTER SEVEN CHAPTER EIGHT CHAPTER NINE CHAPTER TEN ABOUT THE AUTHOR PREVIEW OF STALEMATE ALSO BY IRIS JOHANSEN COPYRIGHT I suppose you’ve realized by now that Hollywood and moviemaking hold a lasting fascination for me. And why not? It’s not only the premier creator of fairy tales of our age, but there are so many interesting

can consider this a very even exchange of pleasure.” Just then his relaxed body stiffened warily against her. “Or was that what you meant? Perhaps you were talking about the part? You should have held out for a bigger role, sweetheart. In a town like this, there aren’t that many women who have what you had to trade. Virginity has a definite appeal for a certain type of man. I for one find it very exciting to know I was the first. You would have been wise to capitalize on that.” The hand stroking

minutes later, it appeared that Billie was woefully incorrect. Judging by the heated exchange in Arabic between their passenger and Billie and the growing frustration on her face, it was proving a far from satisfactory confrontation. “What’s going on?” Kendra asked in a temporary lull in the battle. Billie ran her hand distractedly through her mop of coppery curls. “His name is Yusef Ibraheim and I think he wants to adopt me or something,” she said in exasperation. “As much as I can make out

gallant of you,” she said, not looking at him. Why was she feeling this aching pain because of the notion that it was only obligation prompting Joel’s concern? “I’d never heard you had such a keen sense of responsibility, Joel. It’s very old-fashioned to—” She broke off as he crossed the room in three swift strides. His hands grasped her shoulders and gave her a little shake. “Give me a straight answer, dammit. Are you pregnant?” She glared up at him defiantly, her eyes suspiciously bright. “Of

was no reason why she should come unraveled at the thought now. Tomorrow she’d be able to fight him again. She’d be able to meet any challenge he could hurl at her after she had some rest. But right now that sluggish lassitude was creeping like molasses through her veins and those pillows looked irresistibly inviting. It would be safe to let her guard down now for a little while and nap until Billie came back. The cushions were just as comfortable as they looked and her lids were already closing

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