Kevin Brooks

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0439683289

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kevin Brooks is at the top of his YA game in this "provocative, suspenseful" (Booklist) novel. Now in a dynamic new Kevin Brooks repackaging!

When Joe meets Candy, it seems like a regular boy-meets-girl scenario. They chat over coffee, she gives him her number, and he writes her a song. But then Joe is drawn into Candy's world --- a world of drugs, violence, and desperation. As the dark truth about Candy's life emerges, Joe finds himself facing real danger at every twist and turn. Soon Joe's conflicting emotions begin to mirror Candy's, and he understands that falling in love just might be worth the struggle. This intoxicating tale of heartache, danger, and hope will enthrall teen readers.

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second and then suddenly shoot off in another direction to look at some more animals, or she’d start jabbering again— “…I came here once on a school trip and we had to fill in all these forms with questions about the animals, like where they lived and what they ate and everything, and everyone just copied it all down from the information signs on the cages…Where’s the penguins? Have they still got penguins? What’s that over there…?” It was unsettling, and also a bit disappointing. I didn’t just

down, taking the yokel with her, and as they went down, the balance shifted, and up came Joe the Man again. “Liverpool Street station,” he told the driver, almost adding, And step on it. The taxi pulled out into a stream of traffic and we headed off into the bustling chaos of the night. The farther we got from the house, the better it felt, and after a while we both began to relax a little. I think we both knew there was a lot more to come, but just for the moment it was enough to sit back in

Gina said. “What?” “The bathroom…?” “Oh, yeah…right.” I looked at Candy. She was studying Gina with an expression I couldn’t quite place—a mixture of confusion, relief, suspicion, and gratitude. “All right?” I asked her. She blinked and looked at me. “Uh-huh.” “OK…it’s this way.” As I led her upstairs to the bathroom, I felt that the balance had shifted again. There were three of us on the seesaw now—me, Candy, and Gina. It felt good, in a way…sort of comforting, like we weren’t alone

toasted crumpets and big mugs of steaming hot chocolate… Yeah, it was OK. We even spent a whole week there one summer. I was about twelve then, and Gina was seventeen. I remember when she met this boy in the village. I got really upset when she wouldn’t let me come with her when she was going out for a walk, and I ended up following her into the woods…and getting a big surprise when I saw her kissing this boy. And then afterward, when I asked her who he was and she realized I’d been spying on

do, of course. They fall in love, and then they go mad—because boys can’t talk about falling in love, so it all gets bottled up inside…the weirdness, the fear, the thrill, the confusion. So I just took that idea, and started mixing it up with some of the stuff and some of the characters I’d been thinking about for the book that didn’t work, and gradually the story of Candy came together. Q: Music plays a large part in this book, and you write with great authority about playing bass and

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