Business Communication Essentials (4th Edition)

Business Communication Essentials (4th Edition)

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0136084419

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Business Communication Essentials, Fourth Edition, helps you prepare students for the demands they’ll face on the job.  Only Bovée/Thill texts thoroughly address the new-media skills that employees are expected to have in today’s business environment.  Business Communication Essentials presents these technologies in the context of proven communication strategies and essential business English skills. The fourth edition brings the newest Web 2.0 technologies to life, explaining how tools like blogs and social networks can successfully bring businesses and consumers into a meaningful and profitable dialog. Traditional communications skills become the foundation for making use of these new and essential mediums.]
Building a Career with Your Communication Skills; Understanding Business Communication in Today’s Workplace; Mastering Interpersonal Communication; Planning & Writing Business Messages; Crafting Messages for Electronic Media; Writing Routine and Positive Messages; Writing Negative Messages; Writing Persuasive Messages; Understanding and Planning Reports and Proposals; Composing and Completing Reports and Proposals; Developing Oral and Online Presentations; Building Careers and Writing Résumés; Applying and Interviewing for Employment
MARKET:  The business world changes constantly, and professionals must keep their skills up to date. New communications technologies are changing the way firms and customers do business, creating an interactive marketplace. Learn what Web 2.0 can do for you!

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can’t always know how readers will want to access it. Making the information accessible via search engines is an important step. However, readers don’t always know which search terms will yield the best results, so consider an orientation and organize the material in logical ways with clear headings that promote skimming. Communicating successfully with electronic media requires a wide range of writing approaches. 132 Unit 3: Brief Business Messages ■ With Twitter and other super-short

Select collaborators carefully. Whenever possible, choose a combination of people who together have the experience, information, and talent needed for each project. Agree on project goals before you start. Starting without a clear idea of what the team hopes to accomplish inevitably leads to frustration and wasted time. Give your team time to bond before diving in. If people haven’t had the opportunity to work together before, try to arrange time so that they can get to know each other before

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conscientious and professional. How will you explain the policy to these employees in a way that will help them understand and accept it? [LO-6] Practice Your Skills Activities Active links for all websites in this chapter can be found on MyBCommLab; see your User Guide for instructions on accessing the content for this chapter. Each activity is labeled according to the primary skill or skills you will need to use. To review relevant chapter content, you can refer to the indicated Learning

targets, the person in the story began Study Tools. entering transactions before customers had actually agreed to purchase, hoping the sales would eventually come through and no one would be the wiser. However, the scheme was exposed during a routine audit, and the rising star was booted out of the company with an ethical stain that would haunt him for years. You may not remember all the rules and guidelines, but chances are you will remember what happened to that person who sounded a lot like

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