Bright Shiny Morning (P.S.)

Bright Shiny Morning (P.S.)

James Frey

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 0061573175

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the most celebrated and controversial authors in America delivers an extraordinary novel—a sweeping chronicle of contemporary Los Angeles that is bold, exhilarating, and utterly original. Dozens of characters pass through the reader's sight lines—some never to be seen again—but James Frey lingers on a handful of LA's lost souls and captures the dramatic narrative of their lives. A dazzling tour de force, Bright Shiny Morning illuminates the joys, horrors, and unexpected fortunes of life and death in Los Angeles.

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same situation. No papers. No chance of legal work. No way to take advantage of many of the opportunities that exist in a country, and a city, of dreams. They stand on the street. They arrive at dawn. The sun is always out in the winter it’s 75 degrees, in the summer it’s 105. The street is lined with battered trucks, many of which they own. Some of them are in crews attached to the trucks they sit in them, on them, hang from them. A hundred yards away there is a home-improvement superstore,

kicks Dylan in the face, blood and teeth fly out of his mouth. He slumps to the ground, out fucking cold. Man turns to the other two. Get him out to the van. They step forward, pick him up, put his arms over their shoulders, start dragging him towards the door. When they reach it, one of them unlocks it, opens it. The man who originally knocked on the door is standing in the hall, the other men drag Dylan out and away, he goes with them. The man with the shotgun stares at Maddie, who is trying

thinks, and he waits. If the population grows at current rates, and the ratio of cars to people remains at the current levels, it is estimated that sometime around the year 2025, Los Angeles will experience something resembling permanent gridlock. By 1895 there are 135,000 people living in Los Angeles. In an effort to sustain the Los Angeles River as the city’s primary source of water, William Mulholland, the commissioner of the Los Angeles Water Department, institutes a metering system

Angeles, though there are a few remaining pockets of resistance and independence. It also controls most of the drug traffic into the city. Other groups or organizations involved in the distribution and sale of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana purchase most of it, wholesale, from them. Those that don’t usually end up being taken to the warehouse, where they quickly wish they had purchased it from them. Aside from drug trafficking, the organization is also involved in gun sales,

Al speaks. I know, but the principle’s the same: head hurts, get drunk, head don’t hurt no more. Joe speaks. Maybe in a little while. Now we gotta figure out what we’re gonna do about Beatrice. Al speaks. Who the fuck is Beatrice? Joe speaks. The girl. Tom speaks. That girl’s trouble, man. You should just let that go away. Joe speaks. She’s a kid. Al speaks. She ain’t no kid. Joe speaks. She ain’t more than seventeen. Al speaks. That don’t mean she’s still a kid. Joe speaks.

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