Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living

Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living

Ben Lerner

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 078528835X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Your body is by God. God preprogrammed you to look great, have outrageous health, and experience incredible happiness. In the human body, God created a perfect design, equipped with all the organs, tissues, and cells necessary for health, production, and reproduction. The problem, asserts Dr. Ben Lerner, is when we as humans interfere with God's design for our bodies. Junk food, high-stress living, and neglecting exercise are just a few of the things we do to hinder our bodies' performance.

In Body by God, Dr. Lerner offers a comprehensive plan for getting in touch with our bodies in four areas: nutrition, exercise, stress management, and time management. His "5-in-5" plan is designed to instill the good habits that will lead to optimum health benefits. Readers will learn how to get in shape with 10-minute workouts, reprogram the way they react to stress, and more. "Owner's Manual Tips" give specific ways to apply the material to real life. Our bodies are "fearfully and wonderfully made." With the help of Body by God, readers will learn how to achieve the highest level of performance from God's handiwork.

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of antibiotics, drugs, steroids, and hormones during their lives. A portion of these chemicals and poisons will naturally end up in the milk these cows produce, and eventually on top of your cereal. If you choose to use dairy products, buy raw, organic items from a farm, health food store, or special service if possible. Fortunately for you and your Body by God, it is quite possible to obtain a significant amount of calcium without dairy products, by eating plenty of green leafy vegetables

always split protein and carbohydrates into two meals. For example: Vegetable, salad, and tuna at noon, and then a sweet potato at 2:00 P.M.—or the other way around. EVENING Low Carbohydrates / High Proteins / Moderate to High Fats When you go to sleep at night, your body begins its natural repair process as you rest. Protein is used for building and repair. So the best time for concentrated animal protein is at night, because sleeping is also the best time for building and repair. In the

dinner. Dropping carbohydrate-rich foods in the afternoon and evening was almost as hard as switching from Fruity Pebbles to oatmeal. I was used to coming home starving at night and relying on the bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes to fill me up and add flavor and variety to my food. This bad habit took a long time to shake. The key for me was the Stay-Full and Multiple-Feedings Rules (see page 115). Since nuts and vegetables do not have many carbohydrates, I began to take them with me in the

in the morning and midday and see even more improvements. • Morning: Donuts and coffee (High Carbohydrates) • Midday: Chinese food with chicken (Moderate Carbohydrates, Moderate Protein, Moderate to High Fat) • Evening: Steak, salad, and broccoli with cheese (Low Carbohydrates, High Protein) Example 2: Following the Un-Diet Food Guide for when and how many carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to consume and use some of the Rules For Better Fueling. In the morning, the ideal pattern would be

performed on a machine. *One-Legged Calf Raise (Calves) (A) Position: Start by standing with the ball of your right foot on a surface that is several inches off the ground. Hold a dumbbell (or no weight for beginners) in your right hand, and hold on to something else with your left hand to give you balance. (B) Movement: Lower your right heel slowly toward the ground as far as possible and then lift up toward the ceiling as far as possible. When you get to the top of the movement, squeeze your

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