Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Plumbing, 6th edition (Black & Decker Complete Guide)

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Plumbing, 6th edition (Black & Decker Complete Guide)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1591866367

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

You might not have to call a plumber; get the most comprehensive, up-to-date book on home plumbing for DIYers of all skill levels instead!

From fixing a faucet to installing a drain line in a basement floor, The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Plumbing 6th edition has the answer to any home plumbing problem you're likely to have. Packed with clear color photos and easy-to-understand descriptions, the basics of home plumbing systems are clearly explained, and all of the most popular plumbing projects are shown with beautiful step-by-step photos.

This new edition has been thoroughly updated to ensure that all information conforms to the most recent codes, including the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code and the 2014 International Residential Code. New projects include plumbing and tiling a curbless shower. Other features include projects to promote accessibility in the bathroom; updated bathroom ventilation featuring new products; and an expanded section on exterior plumbing, including pools, pumps, and sprinkler systems.

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panels and anywhere else it is needed. Use cementboard, and maintain a gap of ¼" between the shoulders of the top panel flanges and the wallcovering. 16 17 Finish the walls and then caulk between the enclosure panels and the wallcoverings with tub‑and‑tile caulk. 18 Access panel 19 Install the faucet handles and escutcheon and caulk around the escutcheon plate. Install the shower arm escutcheon and showerhead. You can make an access panel out of plywood framed with mitered case molding, or

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the liquid to trap odors. Flushing Options for Urinals A manual flush handle is still the most common and least expensive flushing mechanism for urinals. It is reliable but not as sanitary as touchless types such as the flushometer on page 119. Motion sensors automatically flush touchless urinals, which is a great improvement in sanitation. These tend to be more expensive, however, and are more likely to develop problems. Also, because they flush automatically when users step away from the

lead, cadmium, and arsenic are best Reverse‑osmosis filters can be highly effective for removing specific contaminants from drinking water. Because the filtration process wastes a lot of fresh water, it’s a good idea to have your water professionally tested before investing in an RO system. 136 THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PLUMBING 61226 - The CG to Plumbing 6th edition_110-169.indd 136 61226 - The CG to Plumbing 6th edition_110-169.indd 136 (Text) 29/5/15 12:28 pm 29/5/15 11:53 am (Fogra

least 2" between the edge of a joist and the hole. Joists can be notched only in the end 1⁄3 of the overall span; never in the middle 1⁄3 of the joist. When two pipes are run through a stud, the pipes should be stacked one over the other, never side by side. T T e d Create access panels so that in the future you will be able to service fixture fittings and shutoff valves located inside the walls. Frame an opening between studs, then trim the opening with wood moldings. Cover the opening with a

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