Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Attics & Basements (Black & Decker Complete Guide)

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Attics & Basements (Black & Decker Complete Guide)

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1589233026

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Complete planning & remodeling information for both attics and basements

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Attics & Basements is the perfect book for homeowners who need more living space but aren't able or willing to move to a larger home or build an expensive room addition. More than 75% of homes have unfinished space in an attic or basement, just waiting for a creative touch, and this book will show readers how to convert that territory into practical living space. Armed with this book, homeowners will be able to add a bedroom, bathroom, recreation room, or home office without changing the basic blueprint of the home.

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moving? Has your life changed since you bought the house and now you find you need a home office for your freelance work or telecommuting, a place for the children in your life to play, or an extra bedroom for a relative? Or maybe now that your obligations have changed, you find yourself fantasizing about a space dedicated to your hobbies? This book can help you determine how best to use your tantalizingly empty attic or basement, inspire you with great design ideas, and give you the practical

come and go without disturbing your family, and so everyone can feel more independent. Provide windows to the street if at all possible. Privacy and views to nature are fine, but human beings are social creatures and love to see who’s coming and going. Above all, plan now for how the in-law space could be used in the future. Can it be converted into a master bedroom suite? Would it function well as a home office? Could it be rented out as an apartment? Suites ■ 81 Provision ( Cpi ) Finishing

install 1⁄4" plywood underlayment over the dryfloor panels, using 1⁄2" screws or nails, which won’t penetrate the moisture barrier on the underside of the panels. (See page 103 for installing plywood.) Don’t glue the plywood to the subfloor panels, and never glue vinyl flooring directly to the subfloor panels. Variation: For ceramic tile, install 1⁄2" cementboard over the subfloor panels, and attach it using 3⁄4" screws. Where floor heights change, install transition strips or reducers,

installed between masonry walls and wood framing. The local building code will also specify whether you need a vapor barrier between the framing and the wallboard. Before you shop for materials, decide how you’ll fasten the wood framing to your foundation walls and floor. If you’re covering a large wall area, it will be worth it to buy or rent a powder-actuated nailer for the job. Tools &Materials Caulk gun ■ trowel ■ paint rolle ■ circular saw ■ drill ■ powder-actuated nailer ■ plumb bob ■

keyboard, this office manages to achieve a fairly clean, minimalist look. Home Offices ■ 33 Provision ( Cpi ) Finishing Basement & Attics :CD1206-118/4239 babd_026_037_officer3v1_.qxd 1/9/07 10:13 AM Page 34 A shallow reach-in closet and small writing surface is all the space needed for a modest home office. The entire unit can be hidden from view with a pivoting door slide. The combination slide and hinge allows the door to open 90º and then slide or push back in along the inside edge

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