Black & Decker Here's How Windows: Big Savings at a Bargain Price

Black & Decker Here's How Windows: Big Savings at a Bargain Price

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Pages: 96


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Offers the basics of window installation and repair with complete how-to steps and full color photography. Features 18 step-by-step projects with a value-priced offering that appeals to today's most practical homeowners.

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disturb the frame’s position (rest a heavy tool on the sill to hold it in place if you wish), press a steel rule against the wall surface and mark trimming points at the point where the rule meets the jambs at each side of all four frame corners using a sharp pencil. 70 ■ here’s how: windows 052-075_20348.indd 70 052-075_20348.indd 70 8/6/10 9:44:22 AM 8/6/10 9:42:44 AM (Ray) Text Job:07-20348 Title:CG To Windown&Entryways #175 Dtp:223 Page:70 9 10 Remove the frame and clamp it on a flat

the sash and the track it fits into. Avoid flaring out too much at one time—it is difficult to press V-channel back together without causing some buckling. 4 Bottom sash (raised) Top sash (lowered) Wipe down the underside of the bottom window sash with a damp rag, and let it dry; then attach self-adhesive compressible foam or rubber to the underside of the sash. Use high-quality hollow neoprene strips, if available. This will create an airtight seal when the window is locked in position. Seal

the gap between the top sash and the bottom sash on double-hung windows. Lift the bottom sash and lower the top sash to improve access, and tack metal V-channel to the bottom rail of the top sash using wire brads. Tip: The open end of the “V” should be pointed downward so moisture cannot collect in the channel. Flare out the V-channel with a putty knife to fit the gap between the sash. 94 ■ here’s how: windows 076-096_20348.indd 94 076-096_20348.indd 94 8/6/10 9:49:34 AM 8/6/10 9:50:57 AM

and the window frame. Use 8d galvanized casing nails driven into pilot holes to secure the brick molding to the rough framing. Miter the corner joints. Reinstall the siding in the window installation area, trimming as needed. use high-quality caulk to fill the gap between the brick molding and the siding. On the interior side, fill gaps between the window frame and surrounding framing with foam backer rod, low-expansion foam, or fiberglass insulation. Install the interior casing. Tip

window, as a minimum, look for double-pane glass with low-emissivity (low-e) coatings. More expensive super-efficient types of glass are available for severely cold climates. installation methods for garden windows vary by manufacturer. some units include a nailing flange that attaches to the framing and holds the window against the house. other models hang on a separate mounting frame that attaches to the outside of the house. in this project, the garden window has a built-in mounting sleeve

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