Belly Fat Diet For Dummies

Belly Fat Diet For Dummies

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Pages: 360

ISBN: 1118345851

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The fast and easy way to lose belly fat

Lowering body weight can reverse or prevent diabetes; lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels; and improve sleep apnea and other sleep problems. The easy recipes and exercises outlined in Belly Fat Diet For Dummies gives you the edge you need to shed unwanted pounds and gain muscle tone.

Do you carry extra weight around your midsection? Belly Fat Diet For Dummies gives you practical, trusted advice for shedding it—the fast and healthy way. You'll get a proven, 14-day quick-start program that guarantees results within days: a no-gym fitness plan that starts with a fat-melting, bodyweight-only workout and progresses to more advanced exercises further toning and tightening your belly. Plus, you’ll get over 40 delicious belly-burning recipes to help you manage your weight.

  • A no-gym fitness plan that starts with a fat-melting bodyweight-only workout and then progresses to a more advanced exercises futher toning and tightening your belly
  • Over 40 delicious belly-burning recipes
  • Loads of options customized for: carboholics, meat lovers, chicken and seafood fans, chocoholics, fast-food junkies, diabetics, and vegans
  • Includes useful tips, body-sculpting exercises, and delicious recipes using superfoods to help shrink your waistline
  • A comprehensive maintenance plan to help you stay on track

Belly Fat Diet For Dummies is a complete and informative guide that makes shedding weight practical and fun—with results in days.

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Belly Fat Diet For Dummmies® Visit to view this book's cheat sheet. Table of Contents Introduction About This Book Conventions Used in This Book What You’re Not to Read Foolish Assumptions How This Book Is Organized Part I: The 4-1-1 on Belly Fat and the Skinny on the Diet Part II: Working Your Way to a Flatter Belly Part III: Cooking Up Some Healthy and Tasty Recipes Part IV: Overcoming Obstacles and Managing Your Progress Part V: The Part of

just one glass per day. Also, avoid carbonated beverages a few days before an event or outing where you want your belly to look as flat as possible. Cola (Including Diet Cola) Cola is a staple at many restaurants and homes, but it can be a huge belly bloater. In addition to the carbonation that increases gas in the stomach (which causes immediate belly bloat), the sugar in cola can make that temporary bloat turn into a permanently larger belly! Depending on the cola, it may contain sugar, corn

fruits for your belly, but you have many, many more great options, including Apples Blackberries Grapes Mango Nectarines Oranges Peaches Pears Plums Raspberries Strawberries The fruits to limit Fruit is great for you, but you do have to keep in mind the glycemic index (GI) of the type you choose. Choosing foods with a lower GI can help promote the loss of belly fat (see Chapter 5 for details). Most fruits are in the low range on the GI scale, but a few are higher, most specifically

you which nutrients impact your workout, what to eat and when to eat it for the best results from your exercise routine, and how to recover properly so your body has the energy reserves it needs to get up and get moving the next day. Pre-workout snacking basics In the workout routines I outline for you earlier, you perform both cardiovascular and abdominal exercises. Cardio exercise, which includes your walking routine, relies mainly on carbohydrate energy. For this reason, you need to take in

whole fruit, but it lacks fiber. The simple sugars in juice may also trigger an increased insulin response. And if you have juice cocktails that aren’t 100 percent fruit juice, you definitely need to remove them from your fridge. Because these contain added sugars, instead of just naturally occurring sugar, they’re lower in nutrients and can cause a greater insulin response. Carbonated beverages: Carbonated drinks, including seltzer, club soda, and diet soda, contain no calories, but the

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