Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale: Ditch Dieting, Amp Up Your Energy, Feel Amazing, and Release the Weight

Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale: Ditch Dieting, Amp Up Your Energy, Feel Amazing, and Release the Weight

Jennifer Tuma-Young

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0062117009

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Balance of the essential ingredients to a happy, healthy life. Jennifer Tuma-Young's book simplifies the balance conundrum that so many of us are in, and contains all the secrets, tips, and inspiration needed to live a life in balance!" 
--Marta Tracy, Creator of The Style Network and an original founder of E!
A lifestyle coach who has been named one of "America's Ultimate Experts" by Woman's World magazine, Jennifer Tuma-Young has created program. Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale is a must-read book for anybody who has ever felt challenges with self worth, weight, dieting, stress, and life in general. Tuma-Young's simple, soulful approach offers 14 powerful techniques that help you find balance, embrace life, and be the magnificently made human being you were born to be!

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lie when you want to say no. And don’t apologize—you have a right to choose what you do and don’t have time for. Saying no isn’t limited to requests by other people. You may have to say no to yourself too. Taking care of your neighbor’s pup may appeal to you—perhaps you’re a dog lover living in an apartment with a no-pets policy. But your schedule is already so full that adding another task would put you over the edge. Say no, but offer to take the dog for a long walk some Saturday morning when

training? Just do one thing and get that snowball rolling. You’ll soon see how exciting it is to create change just by taking a single step! By the Numbers Some people write the date in numbers: 8/20/10. I like to spell it out: August 20, 2010. I don’t know why, but there’s something about numbers that drives me a little bonkers. Of course, they are a way of quantifying things, and they are probably more tangible for some people than words are. For example, many people define success by

that labels some foods as good and others as bad. A good food implies that it helps you lose weight; a bad food implies that it causes weight gain. But food does so much more than control the number on the scale. Food is not the enemy. It is our fuel source, our friend, our energizer. During my years of yo-yo dieting, my whole life revolved around my diet. My house was filled with all kinds of diet paraphernalia—books, machines, treadmills turned into coat racks, waist bands, sweat gear—you name

using my feet to slow down. The next morning I woke up ready to really face my fears and ride that bike on the road. Little Man had just woken up, Michael was drinking his morning coffee, and LuLu was still asleep. “I’ll be right back, hon. I’m just going to ride up and down the street for five minutes. I want to get my bearings.” My husband laughed. Just the day before, he’d ridden by the beach for almost two hours. “Okay, babe,” he said. “Have fun!” I rode onto the street—it wasn’t so bad. I

Smiling at a stranger, noticing the color of the leaves, dancing with your kids—these are things that make your soul smile, sparkle, shine. We all have a light inside of us. Sometimes it’s shining strong; other times we need to reignite our spark for life. Here are some soul sparklers for you—along with one last assignment for you at the very end of the list: To Sparkle Every Day Smile. Be compassionate in all human interactions. Show public appreciation. Praise someone in front of family or

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