At Home in Last Chance: A Novel (A Place to Call Home) (Volume 3)

At Home in Last Chance: A Novel (A Place to Call Home) (Volume 3)

Cathleen Armstrong

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0800722485

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Kaitlyn Reed runs out of options and lands back in Last Chance, she finds her life turned upside down by a charmer who just might convince her to stay.


Der Ewige: Roman

My Clingy Girlfriend

Taipei (Uncorrected Proof)











trying to boss them all around, and Steven was sitting on the back steps when Chris joined them. “Hey, congratulations.” Steven grinned and held out his hand as Chris lowered himself to the back step. “Sarah’s always been my favorite cousin. Looks like she found a good man.” Chris nodded as he picked up a stick and threw it, sending the dogs, followed by Olivia, racing across the yard. “Yeah, well, Sarah is one amazing woman. I’m the lucky one.” Steven laughed. “You better not let Gran hear

bin of dirty dishes. “Do you think it would be all right if I took off early this afternoon and ran up to San Ramon to visit Elizabeth before I pick Olivia up? She was in such bad shape the last time I saw her. I’d just like to see for myself that she’s doing okay.” Her brother pushed back from his computer and looked up. “Yeah, I guess so. It’s pretty quiet today. You might want to run the idea past Juanita, though, since she’s here by herself now when you have Olivia in the afternoons.”

can leave by the back door. The customers have had enough entertainment for one day.” Kaitlyn watched him move through the dining room on his way to the storage room where they left their things. He seemed so relaxed and easy as he stopped to exchange a few words with this table or that. Even Juanita seemed in better spirits as she shared a joke with some friends of hers at a window booth. The diner was the perfect picture of a friendly, hometown eating establishment. The only piece that didn’t

talked. Of course, I’ll tell her what we talked about.” “You’re going to tell her what we said? I thought we were having a confidential conversation.” “Well, I’m not going to give her a transcript of our conversation, or quote you, but she certainly has a right to know what we talked about, at least in general terms.” “You’re sure about this?” “Yep, we really needed to talk, and I’m glad we did. But I’m not starting out by hiding things from Kaitlyn, so I’ll tell her and take my beating. But

to Elizabeth’s table. Juanita barely glanced his way when he loomed up beside her. “Hey there, Lainie, Miss Elizabeth. It’s good to see you out. Have you had a chance to order?” When he turned to motion her over, Kaitlyn could see that his smile was barely hanging on by a thread, and by the time she hurried to the table, he had turned his attention to Juanita. “I don’t know if you heard me call you,” he began. “Of course I heard you, Chris. I said I’d be right there. What do you need?” “I

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