A Diary of the 'Senses'

A Diary of the 'Senses'

Helen Tucker

Language: English

Pages: 82


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Interesting as an example of the sort of pornographic publications issued at Paris in the 1950s in competition with the Olympia Press, bearing with it the usual stylings.

No. 6 in the Oceanic-Press series. A translation of LA CONFIDENCE SENSUELLE, originally published under the pseudonym Andre Suffren (Isidore Isou) by Eric Losfeld c. 1955.

An interesting and rare work with transgenderism as its theme; Isou had earlier gained some degree of fame and notoriety in the late 1940s as a founder of the quasi-Dadaist 'Lettrisme' movement.

Reprinted / pirated in the US in 1968 by Collectors Publications and Greenleaf Classics.

I am sure that no one has ever written a confession as the one you are about to read. The confession is my own. It would be difficult to imagine that anyone could or would live a life as scattered and as dramatically sensual as the man before this typing machine.
Generally, even the most perverted creature can only assimilate the knowledge of his own sex and sooner or later he is faced with the limitations of his real personality, whether it be feminine or masculine.

But by some strange twist — to which my ambiguous leanings should not be too unfamiliar to a few eminent medical authorities — I submitted my being to an operation and changed from one sex to the other. This fatality has permitted me to discover the so-called unfathomed depths of sexual knowledge. I became able to decipher the love life of the participant of one sex and that of the other. Ah, what I have not learned in that domain.

The operation was made much easier by the evolution of my sexuality. I was already ambigene or “Double” to begin with even when my body first took on the normal appearance of a man.

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best results. ” And with these words I took his cock in hand. He was already on the verge of coming. I asked Renee to help out. “Open your mouth, little one. Here comes the first squirt. ” Rose caught half of his load in her month, but couldn't take all of it and she was forced to receive the hot love liquid all over her face. The juice dripped from her cheeks and mouth. When the young husband finished, I ordered is wife to suck up the last drops. The spectacle had put everyone in a tizzy.

snuggle up to me? I became more daring and I reached down to take her hand which was delicately made up. I adored her scarlet painted nails. Was she going to revolt? Was she going to ward me off? I waited. But not a sound left her mouth. With my other hand I began to gentle rub her palm. I felt the softness of her hands and I stiffened my fingers to grip her long fingers. She still did not protest. Suddenly we heard a noise and turned around to see what it was. What we saw were a few students

was able to touch her slip. The mere contact of her panties with their delicate lace caused me to attain a high pitch of feverish delight. I separated the silken material from the tuft of hair that covered her moist box. For the first time I gained contact with her femininity. I lightly fondled the soft hairs that formed a neat little V along her lower belly. I was glad that I could finally touch the intimate part of my lovely partner. She bucked a little and looked at me as though she were

souls. The life of a woman is not the same as that of an effeminate human being, believe me, no matter what the inverted ones have to say about it. Besides, an “inverted” person is a woman who has an impediment, a psychical as well as a physical one. But the erotic lesson that I wish to spread across these pages is one of a profound nature. Certainly more fundamental than the cases brought upon by homosexuals who have acutely felt their duality. My sexual experiences came about at an early

and drew him to me. I felt his sex against my box and I knew he was ready and at full strength. He bit into my neck and then his mouth reached my mid-section and licked my belly button. Then he remounted to my ears and his tongue wangled inside the tiny holes. After he searched out my feelings. His kisses became more and more furious. We were in need of air. I felt Roland's hand lower down to my thighs. He spread my legs apart and slowly raised my skirt. He wanted to take it off, but I saw that

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