22 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

22 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Peter Desmyttere

Language: English

Pages: 69

ISBN: 2:00247118

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Books about marketing come in all shapes and sizes. But marketing books tailor-made for people running businesses are something you'll rarely find. Until now... '22 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs' shows independents, small and medium-sized businesses how surprisingly strong they actually are. And how powerful their position against larger competitors truly is. In a book full of tips and concrete advice, you'll find a different vision of how you can market your business. It is written with a firm grip on reality, as it exists for you and your business, and is full, from cover to cover, with practical examples and advice for fast results.

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looking over their shoulders. You don’t need to see e-commerce and classic over-the-counter sales as a situation where you opt for one or the other. Why not make the most of them both? A lot of purchasers use the internet as a source of information prior to going shopping. They choose not to buy on the internet because they like to have the feel of a product in their hands before they pay for it. And as such, your webshop is both, a source of income and a marketing machine for your ‘real’ shop.

all directions. Should you add an individual to your network, you then immediately add his entire network too. Hundreds of people whom you can trust and who are barely a step away from you. The friends of your friends become your friends, and you get to know people who can be important for your business. As a result, your network needs to be accessible by everyone. Make contacts without prejudice or judgement. Someone who initially appears to be strategically unimportant may know people who are

for marketing actions are often easier said than done. And the doing is considerably more important than the saying. It is not just important that the actions are well planned out, but also that they are actually brought to fruition and analysed. This is why I advise appointing a coordinator. This can be someone from within the group or an external person. Both possibilities have their advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, the fastest way into the abyss when working in cooperation with

site. Refer to the document in all your advertisements, mail-outs, letters, emails, invoices, offers and speeches. Make it as accessible as possible: put it in PDF format and give it an easy web address. For instance, www.yoursite.com/tips and make sure that behind the scenes, it automatically redirects to the document. Add a competition or a game. There is no more beautiful means of luring internet users than an interactive game or an online competition. You give them a certain amount of time

present on? How do I get free attention? Which events should I attend to be able to network? What type of event can I organise myself? How can I build up good relations with the press? Which organisations should I become a member of? How and where do I have to advertise? What kind of direct mail-outs will I send? Which conventions should I attend? What kind of indoor and outdoor advertising is appropriate for me? Who or what will I sponsor? How do I optimise my contact with clients? How can I

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