120 Ideas for Tiny Living

120 Ideas for Tiny Living

Laura M. LaVoie

Language: English

Pages: 47

ISBN: 1482724936

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

120 Ideas for Tiny Living is the story of how one couple downsized their lives to fit into a tiny house measuring only 120 square feet. In this book, author Laura M. LaVoie describes just 120 of the ideas they had to turn their tiny house into a home. Everything from construction to decorating to spending time in the tiny house is explored. If you've ever thought about building or living in a smaller home, this is a great resource for you.

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sun set below the horizon of red leaves. I remembered this recipe we designed for a small Halloween party a few years ago. I didn’t like the idea of all the kitschy horror themed drinks like “Vampire Blood” or “Witches’ Brew,” so this is what I came up with. It does involve making an infusion, so it requires some advanced preparation. Add three cinnamon sticks to a bottle of vodka and store in the freezer. After about a week or so the flavor will be amazing. In a martini shaker add: Ice

watch. Other great toys for small spaces like the tiny house are cat dancers (toys on a stick or string) and a wrestling toy so she can grab on, bite, and kick with her back feet. 92. LITTER BOXES IN SMALL SPACES Since Piglet is an indoor only cat we needed to make sure she had a place for her litter box that was out of the way for us but convenient for her. Our solution was to create a small access door in one of the tiny closets where we would then place the litter box. We framed it out so

the porch and leave them there. This isn’t always going to work if the rain is still blowing sideways. Have a small rug inside the door to set your muddy shoes on when you remove them. Constant sweeping will keep the dirt at bay on the floor, but the only real solution to the mud is to clean the floors on your hands and knees. Sure you can invest in a mop or one of those Swiffer floor cleaners but in a tiny space there may not be a convenient space to store them. Cleaning the floor on your hands

stunningly boring. When we lived in conventional homes and apartments I hated laundry. I tended to live out of my laundry basket because once something was washed and dried, I had no desire to fold and put away. The Laundromat forced me to do this step just to transport the clean clothes to the tiny house, but I still hated it. Then we heard about Bar of Soap – a Laundromat bar in North Asheville. What an amazing concept! Suddenly we really enjoyed laundry. A chore that seemed to take infinite

A gallon and a half is enough to get everything quite clean and I usually get a few relaxing moments to luxuriate in the hot water. Showering is no longer just a shower, it is an experience. 48. THE TINY HOUSE TOILET No one wants to talk about it, but the subject is important: toilets in the tiny house. Many tiny house builders go with a dry composting system as described by Joseph Jenkins in The Humanure Handbook. There are also commercially available composting toilets that you can install

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